About Us

A Credit Consulting Inc Company

What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of fixing poor credit that may have deteriorated for various reasons. At Instant Credit Hacks, this includes all the legal work, strategies, and techniques used to challenge negative credit listings that are inaccurate, misleading, unverifiable, untimely, biased, or incomplete.


How Long Does It Take?

Each situation is different. Generally, we advise our clients that it will take an estimated 1-3 months to see a noticeable difference, and 6-12 months to complete the service. Credit repair is a process and, although we work quickly to repair your credit, we can only move at the credit reporting agencies, court houses, and creditors’ pace.


Why Trust Us?

We live in a society of “if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen”. We put our faith and trust into facts and numbers. This mantra applies to your credit score as well. Lenders, insurance companies and potential employers often make quick judgments about a person based solely on their credit score. As a result, you want your credit score to be the absolute best it can be.

Full-Service Credit Consultants

Unlike our competitors, we offer both credit repair and funding procurement services.

Unlimited Deletions

We dispute EVERY negative account on your credit report every month as long as you confirm that it is erroneous, incorrect, or obsolete.

Online Tracking

You get complimentary access to our Client Tracking Portal. You get to track your results every step of the way so you’re never in the dark.

100% Secure

We protect your information at all costs. We offer a 100% Secure Client Portal.

Cancel Anytime

Don’t let poor credit report hold you back. Join today and start fixing your credit risk-free for 30 days

Advanced Credit Coaching

We don’t just improve your credit and leave you confused about how to maintain your great credit score. We provide all clients with individualized you credit coaching to ensure your future success!

Credit Education Center

Located in your Secure Client Portal, you will find a treasure trove of useful credit-related information and resources.

Strong Industry Reach

Our company specialists have long-standing relationships within the industry.These relationships will be leveraged to generate faster results.


Instant Credit Hacks is a full-service credit consulting agency that has reinvented credit services by making it more efficient for people to repair their credit profiles. Current statistics report that one-in-five Americans are subjected to inaccurate, unfair, or unverified negative items on a credit report, and we make it our personal goal to represent them.

Instant Credit Hacks is backed by an inspired management team who have spent years analyzing applications through various platforms and targeted metrics. As a result of our experience, we maintain long-standing, close-knit relationships within the industry, thereby expanding our reach and impact. This extensive knowledge allows us to utilize best practice, data integrity, and innovation to streamline the credit repair process and better serve our clients. Enabled by proprietary technology and advanced analytics, we aggregate and analyze data points from dynamic data sources to assess the creditworthiness and remove erroneous items from our clients’ credit profiles.

At Instant Credit Hacks, we proudly hold ourselves to a high ethical standard of practice. We work with our clients to repair their credit with integrity, leveraging every legal standard available to ensure both accuracy and fairness. There are laws in place to protect your credit, and Instant Credit Hacks will help you use them.

Instant Credit Hacks is here to help you meet your credit goals. Our credit repair services are designed to help anyone improve their credit score, regardless of their credit history or financial standing. We provide an honest and direct approach to credit repair and make it our mission to help every client not only improve their credit, but also learn strategies to help them maintain it.